Scholarships for students: the organization close to Trudeau is no longer responsible for the $ 900 million program


OTTAWA | The federal government will manage the controversial student volunteer support program.

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The government and the organization WE Charity or UNIS, which had obtained the contract without a call for tenders, indicate that they have agreed “mutually” that the organization close to the Trudeau family would not ultimately manage the program.

“Even though UNIS launched the program and received more than 35,000 requests in the first week, in the future they will not manage the program,” said the Ministry of Diversity and Inclusion and Youth.

The $ 900 million program provides $ 1,000 to $ 5,000 to students who will volunteer over the next four months.

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No explanations

Ottawa does not explain why the two parties decided to terminate their contract.

Prime Minister Trudeau was bombarded with questions from the media this morning, also failed to provide an explanation and declined to say whether he would distance himself from the organization with which his family has ties. narrow.

“There are things to be learned on how to deliver programs for young people without raising controversy,” he said, repeating that he would continue to work to ensure the best possible opportunities for young people.


WE Charity faces allegations of racism and embezzlement that have visibly resonated in government.

The Ministry of Diversity and Inclusion and Youth indeed insisted that, among the candidates who applied to the organization to receive a scholarship, 64% identified themselves as members of a visible minority , 23% from rural Canada and 10% as members of LGBTQ2 communities.

WE Charity published an apology on its website yesterday after 200 of its current and past employees launched a petition accusing him, in particular, of racism and the abuse of power.

The signatories claim in particular that the organization renounces the management of the important federal contract. For them, the money would be better invested under the leadership of the federal summer job program.

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