Schmidti’s Farewell: Emigrating to Thailand – Berlin – Day & Night Exit?

This week it’s time to say goodbye, dear “Berlin – Day & Night” fans, because veteran Schmidti decides to leave Berlin. But first from the beginning. Not only is their friendship with Kratze broken, things aren’t going well for Schmidti and Franzi, despite their love, after Schmidti crashes his girlfriend’s workshop. He notices that Franzi is joking about her sex life and is really angry. But his girlfriend does too, because of course she doesn’t think it’s good at all that Schmidti messed up her tour!

“If you apologize for betraying me and now you’re living on the houseboat with the traitor Scabbers again, then everything’s ok,” Schmidti rumbles in the ensuing argument. Franzi can hardly believe what she is hearing, after all she always had his back. When she angrily replies that she would like to have a relationship with a “grown man”, Schmidti sees red: “So you don’t want the relationship anymore?” A middle finger from Franzi is enough for him as an answer. His interpretation: The whole thing wasn’t just a fight, it was a breakup!

“Berlin – Day & Night” exit from Schmidti?

Finally, Schmidti comes up with a plan. Because nothing and nobody keeps him in Berlin, he decides to emigrate to Thailand for at least a year. When Emmi finds out, she can hardly believe it! But all the art of persuasion does not help, instead Schmidti gives her a letter to Franzi, which says that his ex-girlfriend will receive the Krasch for a year.

Also interesting:

When Emmi hands Franzi the letter and tells her that Schmidti wants to leave, the Berliner has enough! Furious, she confronts her ex: “You fuck off and all I get is the noise? I don’t want that!” She explains. “I’m not sitting here waiting for a man to come back! If you go, I’m gone too!”

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But Schmidti has made his decision and is ready to go through with it. Especially since Kratze heard something about his plans and the packing of the suitcase, but made no attempt to talk to him and to reconcile. Schmidti is in better hands in Thailand… isn’t it? Whether the BTNler is really serious or something else comes up, we’ll find out this week on “Berlin – Day & Night” on RTLzwei…


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