Schlotterbeck bids farewell in winter

He was once the best known and sometimes most successful player of the Schlotterbeck duo in the Bundesliga: Keven Schlotterbeck from SC Freiburg. While his brother Nico (Borussia Dortmund) is now known to a large audience and also plays for the national team, it has become quiet on Keven. He would like to change it, possibly through a change.

It has been a long time since Schlotterbeck, who was two years his senior, was a regular in Freiburg. The breakthrough came at the end of the 2018/19 season, and the following year he made 23 Bundesliga appearances. The following season was also impressive with 24 games (18 starts).

From then on, the balance went downhill. Only twelve appearances in the Bundesliga (three starting eleven), in the current season only two. “I’m a bit disappointed with the playing time I’ve got so far. I have big plans before the start of the season and unfortunately the number of minutes played doesn’t reflect my expectations,” Freiburg’s Schlotterbeck said in an interview Transfer market.

The competition offers: “With what reason should I report to the trainer?”

Impossible to get past Matthias Ginter and Philipp Lienhart in central defence. And if a three-man defense is played, there are still Manuel Gulde or Kiliann Sildillia as options.

The strong run of the second-placed rider did the rest, so that Schlotterbeck had little chance despite the triple burden. “What is the reason I should report to the coach whether we are winning or not losing games week after week?” However, he believes he can “turn things around and put me back on top.” The important thing is to play football again.

If this is not in sight in Breisgau, a move in winter is “an option”, confirmed Schlotterbeck. “I am in contact with the managers of SC Freiburg and in the end I hope that together we can find a good solution for my situation.”

He would “prefer” to stay in the Bundesliga. It is not impossible that a door opens outside Freiburg. In any case, some competitors are on the lookout.


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