“Schloss Einstein” celebrates 1,000 episodes

Karola Wille, director of the MDR: “The series is one of the defining brands of public children’s television. Two generations of children have now grown up with ‘Schloss Einstein’. For more than 20 years, stories about school and boarding school life have hit the nerves of children and young people, because the makers take the problems of the adolescents seriously and present them with a lot of empathy. Now the 1,000th episode is coming up – what a record-breaking success! “

Sven Sund, Managing Director Saxonia Media: “I am particularly pleased that at ‘Schloss Einstein’ young professionals and experienced creatives have been working together on the series for years and benefiting from each other. Last but not least, this mixture in all trades – from talented young actors * inside to the production team – the success of the series. For example, there are writers, directors, cameramen and employees in the production who started their film careers with ‘Einstein’. who laid the foundation for a career in front of the camera, including some who switched to areas behind the camera in their professional lives. “

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