Schiphol alderman calls on The Hague to open Lelystad Airport quickly

Nobel points out the importance for local residents. “Per aircraft that lands and takes off from Lelystad Airport, there are approximately 150 people with serious noise nuisance, and there are more than 100,000 per flight from Schiphol. This will give us a fairer distribution of nuisance.” The number of night flights at Schiphol can also be reduced, because “these can fly from Lelystad Airport during the day”.

The conversion of Lelystad Airport into a passenger airport has already cost more than 214 million euros. According to Nobel, it would be a waste of capital not to open the airport. Moreover, Lelystad Airport can become a job engine, emphasizes the VVD alderman. “For the Flevoland region, opening will create thousands of jobs: 2,400 direct jobs and 4,000 derivative jobs.”

The opening will also create more space at Schiphol for scheduled services with a lot of business traffic. “If many holiday flights are moved to Lelystad, Schiphol will have more room to focus on business connections with the rest of the world.” For the business climate in the Netherlands, it is “important that we maintain Schiphol’s strategic network.”

Nobel ends being argument with a strong appeal to the forming parties in The Hague: “We must not ignore the nuisance caused by aircraft. It is undeniable. But we also need to seize opportunities when they arise. That is why the new cabinet must opt ​​for nuisance reduction, jobs and the economy. This is possible by opening Lelystad Airport as soon as possible.”


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