Schiedam’s hospital scraps operations from this week

The Franciscus Vlietland in Schiedam will cancel the operations that were planned for Thursday and Friday. The reason for this is the scaling down of regular care, in order to keep care as accessible as possible during the second corona wave.

Emergency operations, oncology operations, caesarean sections and compassionate cases will continue. The situation for next week is still being examined, the hospital reports.

The Regional Consultation Acute Care (ROAZ) announced on Wednesday afternoon that all hospitals in the region are scaling down regular care. The increasing number of corona patients in the hospitals and in the ICs in the region is so great that the hospitals are unable to fully continue regular care.

For each hospital it is examined how the downscaling can be arranged as effectively as possible. The Albert Schweitzer hospital in Dordrecht and the Maasstad Hospital have already scaled down regular care.


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