“Schemes” published a video of the conflict in Ukreximbank

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“Schemes” restored deleted footage of the attack on them in Ukreximbank

Ukreximbank said that during the interview, the journalist moved away from the agreed list of issues and began to ask for information containing banking secrets.

Journalists of the “Schemes” program of Radio Liberty restored the video recordings, which were erased during the conflict at Ukreximbank. This was announced on Tuesday, October 5, by the host of “Schemes” Natalia Sedletskaya in Facebook

The corresponding entry with the head of Ukreximbank Yevgeny Metzger was posted on the network. The video shows that the conflict arose after a journalist from Schem asked Metzger an uncomfortable question. After that, the head of the bank asked to stop recording the interview and turn off the camera.

When the journalists refused to do this, the bank employees began to forcefully take away the equipment in order to erase the records. As a result, the cameras were taken away, which was also recorded on video.

Also, the moment of the attack on the operator got into the lens – the bank employee twisted and knocked down Alexander Mazur and forcibly snatched the recording card from another camera from his hand.

Note, the press service at Ukreximbank for its part statedthat the journalists allegedly started asking previously uncoordinated questions, after which “the conversation became unofficial.”

“The journalist was asked to prepare a list of issues, information on which can be provided by the bank in compliance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine, and send it to the bank in order to prepare detailed answers to such questions. After that, the journalist and the operator left the bank without any hindrance ( with all recording and lighting equipment) “, – said the bank.

Later, the Supervisory Board of Ukreximbank expressed its position on the situation in an official statement. They noted that they are concerned about the incident and have already begun checking the circumstances.

“We are taking all measures for a comprehensive and objective assessment of the situation and the bank’s actions and ways to resolve the situation. The Supervisory Board unquestioningly supports the independence of the media and will further promote the implementation of the bank’s media openness policy in compliance with the highest ethical standards,” said in a statement.

Recall the Metropolitan Police started criminal proceedings on the fact of obstruction of the professional activities of journalists.

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