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knocked off. Dead saved. Transferred broken. The obituary had been written for months. Schalke and staying up in the league seemed as likely as the discovery of the legendary Atlantis – it probably doesn’t exist.

With the Signal victory against Stuttgart (2:1), the Nullinger of the nation (previously 4 times 0:0 in a row) proved their critics (for the time being)! Instead of being transferred to the traditional hospice, royal blue is now a full member of the relegation battle again…

Unbeaten in five games, only 3 points to the rescue bank! Coach Thomas Reis and sports boss Peter Knäbel have managed to break the Schalke vicious circle of fear, incompetence and a lack of skilled workers (especially on the offensive) in the last few weeks!

video-heading">Rescue possible again! THIS hoe makes the whole of Schalke dream

Despite persistent poverty (183 million euros in debt), Knäbel in Leihaus 04 managed to implement a few winter deals (Jenz, Frey, and Kozuki promoted) that had an immediate effect. In combination with the highly dosed labor and mentality infusion by Reis, the previously hopelessly overwhelmed squad really seems to develop a savior dynamic.

Matching the upcoming derbies against Bochum and Dortmund, the lights are on again at Schalke. A light? A thousand lights!

Escalation of relief: S04 coach Thomas Reis and striker Michael Frey after the 2-1 win

Foto: Getty Images

Anyone who has ever experienced the gigantic thermals of the Gelsenkirchen north curve (quote from the ferryman: “I’ll get goose skin”) knows that the Schalke supporters will be a key factor in the relegation battle. Where else would even 3,000 fellow sufferers come, just because – as recently happened in the Parkstadion – an old floodlight mast was switched on again.

► With all due respect: Berlin, Hoffenheim, Augsburg, Stuttgart, Bochum – the basement competition does not have such a fan boom in the back. Especially in the remaining five home games (BVB, Bayer, Berlin, Bremen, Frankfurt), Schalke MUST secure the basis for survival with the help of their arena followers.

My prognosis: Schalke packs the rescue miracle! In the end, the force of the north curve fans saved the club from the Bundesliga hospice.

And Atlantis? Remains lost, like gnabryesque pineapple hairstyles at Schalke Malocher professionals…

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