Scary! Tottenham player survived shooting at party

Emersol Royal narrated for sports media the bitter experience he saw during the early hours of this June 3 in Brazil.

The Tottenham player mentioned that after leaving a family party one of the building guards asked him for a photo, and accompanied him to his car when armed individuals began to shoot at him to try to rob him.

Royal mentioned that the guard was armed and they exchanged fire, leaving him between them.

“After leaving an event, a security guard recognized him, asked to take pictures with him and offered to take him to his car. That’s when Royal suffered the attempted robbery, at gunpoint, where the bandit asked for his watch and other personal items,” they began.

Adding: “When the bandit realized the security, we only remembered the exchange of fire and dodged. I do not remember well, it was all very fast and the adrenaline was rushing.”

It should be noted that the authorities initiated investigations and detailed that the player and the others involved were unharmed.

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