Scarlett Johansson enters the world of series with Amazon Prime

After having a really bitter exit from Disney and Marvel Studios, the actress Scarlett Johansson will make his television debut starring in his own first series for the streaming platform Amazon Prime videosjoining the long list of Hollywood actors who have left conventional film productions behind to start a new phase in world 2.0.

Johansson who was known worldwide for her portrayal of “Black Widow” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, and who was nominated twice for an Oscar for her brilliant performance in the films: “Jojo Rabbit” (2020) and ‘Story of a marriage’ ​​(2020), will star in ‘Just because’adaptation of the homonymous novel published by John Katzenback in 1992, and which was translated into Spanish under the name of ‘Causa Justa’.

Scarlett Johansson

In the original story, a reporter named ‘Matthew Cowart’ is sent to the city of Miami to follow the last days of a prisoner sentenced to death for his crimes, but, by talking to him, he becomes convinced that he is completely wrong innocent, so he offers to help him find out the truth and save his life. However, in the Amazon Prime Video production, directed and produced by Christy Hall, the protagonist will no longer be a man, but a woman named Madison Cowartthe role that Johansson will play.

Scarlett Johansson makes her debut as an actress and as a television producer

In addition to bringing to life the main character of this story surrounded by intrigue and suspense, the actress will also debut as an executive producer of this television project through her company, These Pictures, which will take care of the final details of this series in a work in collaboration with the Warner Bros. television studio Scarlett Johansson will also have the participation of Jonathan Lia and Keenan Flynnwho will be the co-producers of the series while Zara Duff will be in charge of overseeing this television adaptation.

This would not be the first remake of this literary work for the cinematic world, given that this story was already told on the big screen 27 years ago by the director Arne Glimcher. Indeed, a curious fact in relation to the choice of the cast for this series is that Scarlett Johansson played one of her first roles in the cinema, when she was 11 years old, in the film directed by Glimcher. In this first adaptation of Katzenback’s novel, Johansson starred Kate Armstrongthe daughter of the protagonist Paul Armstrong, played by Sean Conney. Now, almost three decades later, Scarlett Johansson will replace Connery to give this story a complete twist.

At the moment no further details are known about this new adaptation of ‘Just Cause’ for Amazon Prime Video, although a large number of fans of the actress are eagerly awaiting the publication of the rest of the cast that will accompany the American in this production, so such as the date of its premiere and the number of chapters it will have per season.

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