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[The Epoch Times, 25 settembre 2022]Hello everyone, welcome to “Current Affairs Gold Scan”. I’m Jin Ran.

The focus today: Did a large number of military vehicles enter Beijing and stretch for 80 kilometers?Xi JinpingAfter returning to China, he was “under house arrest” for several days; nearly 10,000 flights across China were suddenly canceled,Sun LijunThe three giants of the group were all sentenced to death with suspended sentences;Put inI really want to movenuclear weapons? 300,000 soldiers were recruited and the Russians fled in large numbers.

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Some viewers said: Your show is called “Current Affairs Gold Scanning”, but only twice a week, whenever you talk about such a topic, there are too few points to scan, right? I also think there are too few points to talk about, which is not pleasant. Well I’ve always been good at this and I’ll change if I say it, however, as soon as we get out, let’s first talk about the main issues that interest the Chinese.

Xi JinpingThe stealth biography has been hotly debated “under house arrest”

This is the PLA army deployment map in China. On Thursday, a netizen said a large troop garrison stationed in Zhangjiakou, Hebei, near Beijing, was photographed heading to Beijing. The rear of the army car was in Zhangjiakou, and the front of the car had already arrived in Huailai, which is closer to Beijing. The marching team was 80 kilometers long.

According to the analysis of netizens with a military background, from the distance between the vehicles of this motorized gear, the scale is at least greater than the strength of a division. The direction of travel is in fact Beijing, and it takes about 50 kilometers forward to Yanqing to enter Beijing. However, there was no military parade scheduled for 11th of this year. It was very unusual for such a large soldier to enter Beijing.

Recently, the rumors of Xi Jinping’s incident have been discussed on the Internet overseas. From the beginning of “Xi Xi’s Li Shang” to the latest saying that Xi Jinping was placed under house arrest after returning to China at the beginning of the 16th, there was a lot of hype and many incidents occurred one after. the other, making this statement more and more similar.

First, on September 19, the General Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued revised regulations on “leading cadres can go up and down”, emphasizing “focus on solving the problem of being able to go down”. There have been multiple interpretations.

On 21 September, the Chinese military held a high-level seminar during which two vice-presidents of the Military Commission, Xu Qiliang and Zhang Youxia, spoke. What attracted attention was the appearance of General Li Qiaoming, commander of the Theater Command who was fired earlier this month.

This person was once said to have had a “mutiny” move, but footage from surveillance cameras showed Li Qiaoming sitting in the front row, next to army commander Liu Zhenli. And Xi Jinping, returning from the Shanghai Cooperation Conference, never presented himself in public: as chairman of the Military Commission, this time he made no public appearances.

You will find that overseas people’s interpretation of the same event will be very different. Some people think this is a manifestation of Xi Jinping’s loss of power. Some people think this proves that the previous “mutiny” makes no sense, and shows that Xi Jinping will reuse Li Qiao. There is a lot of fun in the debate, one wave is not resolved, one wave after another.

As of the 21st, a large number of flights across the country have been canceled for unknown reasons. Some netizens posted: I checked, the direction of the capital, major cities are canceling or canceling flights in advance today and tomorrow. Some netizens even mentioned: Later travelers should avoid planes. The current situation is that on the 21st, more than 6,000 flights were canceled across the country and the cancellation rate reached 50%.

Do you believe what it says? Someone wrote: the large-scale entry of the army into Beijing, the ban on thousands of domestic and international flights, the embargo on high-speed railways entering Beijing, the ban on travel by officials at the level of CCP Deputy Department (Division) and the Xi Jinping’s absence from the Military Commission meeting can illustrate only one thing: A great change has occurred in Zhongnanhai.

However, it was also pointed out that some facts belie this speculation.

On the 23rd, the former deputy minister of the Ministry of Public Security of the Chinese Communist PartySun LijunSentenced to death with suspended sentence without commutation or conditional. The day before, Fu Zhenghua and Wang Like, members of Sun Lijun’s “political gang”, were also sentenced to death with truce, and are the “political gang” considered anti-Xi by the outside world. lost power, how could they be condemned so severely?

Some people even pulled out the “People’s Daily” on the 23rd to show the content on the front page.

The three headlines on Friday’s last front page are still dominated by Xi Jinping: where are the intentions for big changes?

Maybe you will ask my opinion, for me: first, the 20th big is right in front of you, and the results will come out right away, so you don’t have to worry about speculating and choosing which side to take; second, there is no need to “move” because it doesn’t matter who gets on or who gets off, as long as the CCP doesn’t get off, the nature is the same, so you don’t need to be so excited. If there are changes, perhaps some specific measures, such as: dynamic compensation, national nucleic acid, etc., can be changed, but it won’t be long before the CCP changes the way they throw and cut leeks to another way.

Some people have even pinned: Will a new person make a difference? This means not being able to clearly see the essence of the CCP system. It is a mechanism that makes good people become bad, bad people become bad, and evil people become demons. Anyone in that position will become a demon. To put it harder, if you don’t meet his “requirements” and don’t “match” up to that point, you won’t be able to get to that position and good people have already been eliminated in the middle.

For me, I’m more interested in one thing that could change the world:

On the 23rd, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba said via Twitter that he had met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Wang Yi personally stated that China respects Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and opposes the use of force as a means of resolving differences. On the same day, it was Russia’s so-called “Join Russia” referendum day in the region of Ukraine it controls.

Putin implemented on the 21st the first military mobilization order since the Second World War, to recruit 300,000 reservists, because the Russian army suffered heavy losses in the seven months of the war and, under the recent major Ukrainian army counterattack, had to start a The people were drafted into the army and four regions of Ukraine held “referendums on joining Russia” under the threat of Russian army weapons.

Some analysts believe that by including these four regions in Russian territory, Putin is turning “aggression” into “self-defense”, and thus “the specter of nuclear war” will appear. Along with what Putin said earlier: when Russia’s “homeland” is violated, he will use nuclear weapons to defend it, which is truly chilling.

Let’s take a look at the situation after Putin issues a mobilization order for 300,000 troops.

An independent Russian media named Nikolai Peskov’s son Nikolai, posing as an enlisted military officer. Nikolai’s past belonged to the priority of the Russian military, but he immediately killed his family and refused to answer.

You don’t think that if you replace the war against Ukraine with Taiwan in this scene, and replace the Russians with the Chinese, it shouldn’t violate the peace at all, right? !

Not only that, but patriotic pinks in Russia also have the same aura as Chinese pinks. If you don’t believe me, take a look.

I still appreciate it. At least there are independent media in Russia who dare to make this appeal. If the CCP fights for military recruitment one day, will any media in China dare to call the Wolf Warrior spokesman’s son to run? Wouldn’t all their children be sent abroad?

Okay, that’s it for this “current business gold scan”. See you next time.

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