Scandic for announcing the Czech Nightingale 21. Janeček attacked the covid measures

After four years, the music festival returned to the Czech Republic. The awards of the Czech Nightingale poll were presented at the Karlín Music Theater on Friday. The winners are Marek Ztracený, Ewa Farna and the band Mirai for the first time. But the gala evening was not without scandal. The co-organizer of the competition, billionaire Karel Janeček, used the closing speech to present his personal attitudes to the government’s pandemic measures. He was criticized by media experts and celebrities.

While the beginning of the gala evening was accompanied by smiles and enthusiasm, at the end they remained present as scalds. Billionaire Karel Janeček took care of the commotion.

“We must not succumb to the terrible pressure to vaccinate our children against a disease that does not threaten them in any way,” he said unexpectedly.

From what position Janeček claims such statements is a question for experts, but the words lifted them from their chairs. “It’s so outrageous. Especially for a person who is a graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University, it’s absolutely unbelievable. Of course, the man probably calculated that sponsoring the event would allow him to make such a statement live and it will affect people, “thinks immunologist Václav Hořejší.

“After all, we are in a situation where human lives are at stake. A judge cannot afford this in any case,” said media expert Ondřej Fér.

Other experts point out that Janeček wants to run for the presidency and he simply served him the gala evening. “If Mr. Janeček officially announced his candidacy for president, as is speculated, it was of course very original, but unfortunate, because the topic clearly divides society,” says political scientist David Jágr.

At the same time, experts agree that politics is unhappy at cultural events, and so do the artists themselves.

“The only thing he remembers was that the speech was very long and that I felt for a while that I was somewhere other than at the music awards. Not everyone liked it and I understand a little that it didn’t belong there,” says singer Marek. The Lost, who took home the golden and absolute Nightingale.

“The ghost of Slavík has completely disappeared. It has become a kind of political proclamation. So we were poisoned. He raised his hands, as Václav Havel did. It didn’t seem so stupid to me at first, but then I realized what he was saying,” criticizes Petr Janda.

The most people in the poll of this year’s survey have been since the inception, a total of 216,000 voters.

Similar scandals have happened around the world. Details in the TV Nova report:




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