Scandal with a drunken colonel in Chernivtsi: there was a reaction from the National Police (video)

After the dissemination of information in the media, the security forces announced that Vyacheslav Yefteny had been on maternity leave since September last year. At the same time, the man’s declaration does not include the expensive 2020 Mercedes G 63 AMG in which he was detained.

Odessa police colonel Vyacheslav Efteniy, who was caught in a scandal in Chernivtsi on January 8, when he was stopped by police officers while intoxicated on a Mercedes G 63 AMG 2020 worth about 200 thousand euros and in a Gucci suit for more than a thousand euros, is not the head of the Odessa Department of Strategic Investigations … About it it says in a statement released on the National Police website.

The police say that Vyacheslav Efteniy, about whom many media wrote, has been on parental leave since September 1, 2021. The Colonel’s vacation order was issued on August 30, 2021.

It is also noted that on September 20 last year, Police Lieutenant Colonel Denis Frolov was appointed to the post of Head of the Strategic Investigations Directorate in the Odessa region of the Strategic Investigations Department of the National Police.

We will remind that on the video published by the Chernivtsi police Efteny tries to negotiate with the patrolmenso that they let him go, and brags about his position and connections.

“I will pass the test and in an hour it will be clean. I am a colonel and I know what I am doing. Am I explaining someone … or am I communicating with you incorrectly?” Said a high-ranking policeman.

Patrolmen stopped Eftenia drunk

According to media reports, the patrol officers for this incident issued protocols under Part 1 of Art. 122 and part 1 of Art. 130 of the Code of Ukraine on administrative offenses (speeding, driving while intoxicated).

Interestingly, the colonel’s declaration does not contain an expensive car in which he was detained.

We will remind, earlier near Chernivtsi patrolmen stopped for drunk driving priest, who began to call the police officers “Ukrainians” and “Bandera” and threatened to shoot them in the head if they spoke in Romanian.

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