Scandal in RSM! Naked Techno Party in an Orthodox Church (Video)

A scandalous sight in North Macedonia! Naked techno party at Saint Elijah Church in Doiran, North Macedonia. The incident took place last Saturday, writes

Watch the video here.

Saint Elijah is a revival Orthodox church in the town of Doiran, North Macedonia. The church was built in 1848 with voluntary donations from the residents of Doira by the master washerman Georgi Novakov Dzongar. It was built on a high hill above the Doiran lake. The church is the cathedral of the Polenin diocese. The iconostasis was the work of the prominent carver Dimitar Stanishev. After the establishment of the Bulgarian Exarchate in 1870, the Bulgarians in Doiran began to try to reclaim the cathedral from the Greek minority in the city. They are launching a campaign to collect signatures of the Bulgarians to prove that they are a majority with more than two-thirds more than the patriarchal Greeks and Serbs, and according to the Law on Disputed Churches and Schools they should get the church.

Thus, in February 1911, the Bulgarians received the disputed church, which turned it into a historical symbol and proof of the Bulgarian ethnic character of Doiran and the entire region. It is not clear whether this is the motive behind the actions of the Macedonians, who allowed this same church to be desecrated, or whether it is simply a symptom of the ongoing de-Christianization of the modern world, with all its attendant vile symptoms.

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