scan of the availability of the treasure “China travels to Thailand” to win in mid-October. Press the button to open the country?!

Thanet Petchsuwan Vice Governor for Marketing in Asia and the South Pacific Thailand Tourism Authority (TAT) said from the big picture of the recovery of Asian tourists now, only “Chinese market” Indeed, we must follow up on the results of the General Assembly of the Communist Party of China on October 14-16, on the 100th anniversary of the announcement of the 22nd Plan, 4 years, which is a breakthrough. “End” how China will continue its COVID-19 policy

“May the Chinese authorities really open up the country. TAT is confident that travel demand will flow to Thailand. Concerns have also arisen during this period over the price of round-trip air tickets to China, which has already dropped significantly. But still considered expensive. When China opens the country Airfare is expected to drop again. “

Chuwit Sirivejkul Director of the East Asia region TAT added that Now the Chinese government has loosened more travel measures and “No negative signals” Any Currently, both Thai and Chinese domestic airlines are allowed Able to fly between Thailand – China, a total of 30 flights per week. Divided into share for Thai airlines 15 flights per week and 15 Chinese airlines per week, resulting in “Air ticket prices” in particular, the return from Thailand to China has decreased. Previously, the price had risen to 300,000 baht, currently it is reduced by 5 times to 50,000 baht.

However, China’s opening trend is high, but nonetheless “Difficult to analyze” which will start opening later this year or early 2023 and which module to open will open the country right away Or start by unlocking some cities or provinces first. For example, last week China received news that it had begun to unblock 5 provinces, including Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Xiamen and Guangdong. You can travel in and out of Hong Kong and Macau without having to hold your legs back. Or start by loosening the lock in ripples. or allow certain groups of travelers first

“China has closed the country for almost 3 full years. When will the Chinese leader knock to open the country? Do you believe that the Chinese tourism market will be a sweet that everyone wants. Thailand is considered the nation with the best tax. In the middle of the China’s conflict with surrounding countries This makes Thailand likely to have more opportunities than other countries. “

Furthermore, the Chinese people miss Thailand very much. Chinese tour operators are ready to serve immediately. The airline asked for a slot to fly. Preparation for the provision of passenger seats Awaiting the Chinese president “Press the Open Country button” only, but the problem is “Readiness” of tour operators in Thailand after finding that the travel management service company (Destination Management Company: DMC) and some of the attractions are not back yet! why wait for the demand from Chinese tourists to return and then open for service The situation is no different now. “Chicken and eggs”

Thanet added that The general objective of the short-term market tourists from “Asia and South Pacific” The TAT this year is 6.5-7 million people from the target of 10 million foreign tourists in Thailand by the latest statistics in the first 9 months from January 1 to September 30. We found that 6,018,943 foreign tourists from around the world arrived in Thailand.

Considering only the top 10 of the Asia and South Pacific traveler market, the number 1 is: “Malaysia” The number of 972,699 people is the first market to exceed 1 million people in early October. Traveling Thailand via various channels, including land, train and air, they prefer to stay longer days. spending more and not only concentrated in Hat Yai, Songkhla, but also spread to other cities further south such as Krabi, Phatthalung, Chumphon and Nakhon Si Thammarat, with the TAT preparing to organize the event One Million Thank on October 21 in Kuala Lumpur And it is estimated that by the end of this year there will be 1.2 million Malaysian tourists.

2nd place “India” 561,656 people traveled to Thailand, probably 8-900,000 people by the end of this year after finding advance bookings (Forward Booking) in the 4th quarter, this looks very good, over 60% from the number of seats 3-4 hundred thousand seats. “PDR of Laos” There is a cumulative number of tourists arriving in Thailand with 410,563 people, in 4th place. “Singapore” There are 311,567 people in ITB Asia from October 18-20 in Singapore. TAT is preparing to launch the Singapore Go High campaign to bring the total to 500,000 this year. “Cambodia” There is a cumulative number of 309,034 people, ranked 6 “Vietnam” Collect 270,227 people

while the number 7 “South Korea” The cumulative number is 246,434 people, the target for this year is 500,000 people, with high demand during the high season of the end of the year, especially “Golf group” Both senior golfers, women, teenagers, Longstay and businessmen who play golf in Chiang Mai and Pattaya, finished in 8th place. “Australia” The total number of people coming to Thailand is 187,380 people.

9th place “Japan” There is a cumulative number of 178,557 people, even in the third and fourth quarters of this year there will be an increase of 30-40 passenger seats.% but from the declaration “Open Japan” unconditional Starting October 11, many Thai tourists are expected to visit Japan. And take seats on the Thai-Japanese route by up to 50-60%, but TAT must attract Japanese tourists to Thailand to reach the target this year of 350,000 people and ranked 10 “China” It has a cumulative number of 155,983 people.

“ASEAN, South Asia and Australia markets nothing to worry about. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) next step is advancing into the East Asian market, including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan.”

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