Scabies outbreak, with six infected, in a nursing home in Malaga | BE Malaga | Hour 14 Malaga

A total of six cases of scabies, also known as sarna, have been detected in a public nursing home in the Malaga neighborhood of El Palo, in Malaga capital.

The outbreak has been declared a few days ago although from the delegation of Equality and Social Policies of the Junta de Andalucia in Malaga they ensure that the situation is under control. In these public offices there are some 120 people and has about 180 workers.

Inmates and employees of the residence are being treated after detecting the outbreak of scabies. The six cases consisting of of this contagious skin disease are under control. The family of one of those admitted has decided to take his relative home due to the seriousness of the events.

The figure of interns and workers who are being medicated would range between 15 and 20, since they would be the roommates and contact personnel of the confirmed cases.

As ‘El Mundo’ advances, in March 2019 there will also be reported to the Labor Inspectorate an outbreak of scabies in the residence that affected at least two workers and two inmates.

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