SBS’Exemplary Taxi’ side “Adjustment of promotional video shooting schedule, irrelevant to Lee Na-eun”[공식]

SBS’Exemplary Taxi’ side “Adjustment of promotional video shooting schedule, irrelevant to Lee Na-eun”[공식]

2021-03-03 17:34:26

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Promotion by’Exemplary Taxi’

Regarding the change of the filming schedule, actor Lee Na-eun said that it was not related to the controversy.

On March 3, SBS drama’Exemplary Taxi’ told NewsN that “the promotional video shooting schedule is being adjusted according to the schedule.”

Previously, one media reported that the’Exemplary Taxi’ side changed the promotional video shooting schedule, conscious of the controversy, and that only the leading actors Lee Je-hoon and Lee Som appeared.

However, the’Exemplary Taxi’ side replied, “The change of the promotional video shooting schedule is irrelevant to the case (a controversy).” In addition, Lee Na-eun added that “I will determine the exact situation and discuss the situation after confirming the facts.”

Mr. A, who previously revealed that he is the younger brother of former member of the group April, Lee Hyun-joo, recently claimed through an online community that “My sister suffered from panic disorder and shortness of breath due to bullying and bullying within the group.”

However, April’s agency DSP Media denied the bullying rumor through an official position, and announced a legal response to Mr. A.

While the arguments of the two sides are currently mixed,’Exemplary Taxi’ side said that it would go through a discussion on the controversy.

Meanwhile,’Exemplary Taxi’ is scheduled for its first broadcast on April 9. (Photo = SBS)

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