Sberbank told where the ruble will head today

Jannbel: 1

Jannbel: 1

bond: 14:02 hikot: rosinca (13:54), For them, it’s not their people,
it is their work.
This must be understood initially.

Jannbel: Freudian clause, clown Degtyarev “we leave the yacht in the use of the administration of the Khabarovsk Territory and we will ride schoolgirls on it on cupid” – he says amusingly.

Forex Guru: Sber analysts are just fat trolls, who are fucking doing nothing for big salaries – well, how else can you call the forecast about 73.50 when Bl. when the rate is 73.42, – 8 kopecks, write such a footcloth about 8 kopecks, inside the hourly volatility is greater. they took me there.

Forex Guru: half a page reasoning, including all the crap from the global economy, and it’s all about 8 bln kopecks.

Forex Guru: sits, bl a whole “analytical division” of parasites and writes predictions about 8 kopecks

rosinca: hikot (14:03), I don’t know how life is in Belarus
I only know that they produce a quality product
light industry, agricultural products, they are all in accordance with GOST, as it used to be in the Union. We love and buy them. Maybe this is the merit of Lukashenka. But for so many years to cling to power, when people advise you to leave peacefully and give up power to young, brainy patriots who love their homeland … while using brutal force against people, I consider this to be the agony of power. This means that there are much deeper reasons. May God grant that dear Belarusians independently decide the fate of the country. Without Biden, Russia and others. A difficult task in the current realities. The main thing is that without blood anymore.

rosinca: In Russia, if it flares up, by the way, it won’t seem a little to anyone. No power, no people. We harness it for a long time, well, and then, we know what may be. The rulers still misunderstood this, it seems to me.

Forex Guru: #Eurozone #Covid_19: Daily Summary (August 14th)
*Focus on #France, #Germany, #Italy, #Spain

rosinca: Jannbel (14:04), Amur schoolgirls? )) And mothers do not mind? in this case, I’m going to Amur) to ride a yacht in a school uniform with a meek skirt))

rosinca: in a short skirt))) Freudian slip))) so modestly)

rosinca: Jannbel (14:04),
and what, I remembered my 15 years))

rosinca: Our struggle for Kushtau, by the way, is no worse than passions in Khabarovsk.

rosinca: all the evening!
I went to fry the fish … cutlets … chicken in Chinese, sote in Turkish)

The sea: rosinca (14:24), Is it for the hillside hills?
I heard that the Turks are good at motivating the locals by faith, because without the development of new “hills-hills” Bashkir soda company runs out of soda, but the Bashkir soda company is the number 1 competitor in the markets of Eurasia for the Turks.

muesli: Rosinca the whole history of Russia has shown: we lick our lips for a long time, massage our lips and tongue, but quickly suck it off. Russia Belarus is the birthplace of the Umpalumpa
Nothing else can explain Putin’s 20-year term and Lukashenka’s 26-year term.
If it were not for the Belarusian riot police, I would have thought that Belarusians are generally incapable of muddying their neighbor, this is a country of homosexuals, apparently. 2 million people live in Minsk, half of them are men. Within an hour all the riot police of Lukashenka’s police and gopkompanimyach would have been turned into a bloody mess by throwing stones by a million men.
But women came out with flowers. Whoever meets Benlarus immediately piss on his head – judging by this protest, in the most extreme case he will throw a flower at you in response

Forex Guru: what are you muesli shit, right in all its glory revealed.
psychopath, pathological liar, bastard and bastard.
killing that, killing se – a loser idiot who went crazy by the age of 60.
sick animal.

bond: rosinca (14:12), In such a tidbit question in the heart of Europe, but without help –
will not do.

bond: musli (14:51), Cactus in response is the maximum.

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