Saying to be in hazard, the IPW chair surrenders to God, spied on by Ferdy Sambo’s gang?

On tvOne’s Apa Kabar Indonesia Pagi method, Sugeng Teguh Santosos admitted that he received details that there experienced been a backlash against him.

¨IPW been given facts that there had been makes an attempt to “resist” against the Timsus, mostly attacking people in Timsus discrediting excellent names and all types of points, there was info on the way and there was minimal facts about us, but about other functions that we ended up hence invited to read only from Other facts is also associated to the August 3 incident, he described.

The IPW president promises to be spied on

Sugeng then unveiled the astonishing simple fact that the backlash was carried out by supporters Ferdi Sambo who are police officers, not civilians, in accordance to him there was a motion of about 20 people.

“So that day, when I acquired the info that there was an FS checking ahead of it was investigated on Saturday, there was a motion of 20 folks out of the management of the management concerned in interaction in help of the FS, it is about police, not civilians, “He continued.

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