Savings accounts increase interest rates. Increases Trinity Bank, Moneta and Fio

Moneta Money Bank from 20 November, it will pay interest on clients’ savings of up to one million crowns at a rate of 2.5 percent, without any other conditions. bank wire increases the interest on the Fio savings account to 1.5 percent for an amount of up to CZK 200,000. The change will take effect on December 1. Česká spořitelna is preparing a similar offer for its clients, ie an interest rate of 1.5 percent up to CZK 200,000, resp. 400 thousand, depending on the type of current account.

Today, she adjusted the interest on the savings account again Trinity Bank. It thus reached the top of the list of savings accounts with 2.58 percent per year. “This rate applies to existing and newly established Dobrý klient accounts, without any restrictions on the amount of the deposit or other conditions. Trinity Bank plans to increase rates in other of its deposit and investment products in the coming days, “the bank states on its website.

Another bank that will now improve clients is Sberbank. The savings account offers at a rate of up to 1.8 percent per year. Clients with a Fair Plus account or a Fair Extra account will receive this rate. It applies to deposits up to one million crowns. The bank will pay interest at this rate at a rate of 1 percent. People who do not also have a current account with Sberbank will receive a rate of 1.5 percent up to one million crowns in the Fér spoření Plus savings account; over this amount, their deposits will be valued at an interest rate of 0.8 percent per year.

Savings accounts are once again enjoying interest

Fast rise in price, p inflation the related loss of value of money and at the same time repeatedly rising interest rates on the part of the CNB and some banks are reflected in clients’ interest in savings accounts.

In addition to the current account, 61 percent of Czechs over the age of 26 have at least one. Almost half of them (49 percent) deposited tens of thousands of crowns on it, among one hundred to five hundred thousand crowns it was 43 percent of respondents. This follows from surveys conducted by Expobank CZ at the turn of October and November.

Better no conditions

Three out of four respondents then stated that they would prefer a savings account with an attractive interest rate without conditions before, even with an even better rate, but with conditions.

What rate do you get in a savings account now?

Bank savings account interest (in percent, pa) condition
Trinity Bank Good client 2,58 without conditions
MONETA Money Bank Savings A, Savings A 2,50 up to 1 million crowns
Expobank NEO account 2,01 without conditions
Banka CREDITAS Savings account + 2,00 up to 350 thousand crowns
J&T Bank Savings account 1,10 minimum deposit 1 million crowns
Hello bank! Hello savings 1,00 up to 200 thousand crowns
Air Bank Savings account 1,50 up to 250 tic tons of crowns and 5 card payments per month
Raiffeisenbank Savings account XL 0,40 up to 150 thousand crowns / active use of a current account
Equa bank HIT savings account 0,40 up to CZK 200,000 / 3 card payments per month
mBank mSavings 0,40 up to 100 thousand crowns
ČSOB / Poštovní spořitelna Savings with a bonus 0,35 od 500 tis. korun do 1 mil. korun
Sberbank FAIR SAVINGS PLUS 0,30 without conditions
Česká spořitelna ČS savings 1.50 (from December 1) up to 200 thousand crowns
Commercial Bank KB Savings Account Bonus 0,20 up to 200 thousand crowns
bank wire konto wire 1.50 (from December 1) up to 200 thousand crowns
UniCredit Bank PRIMA savings account 0,05 up to 500 thousand crowns



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