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Credit cards are nowadays increasingly used by all citizens as they are fantastic tools for making payments.

In periods of severe crisis such as the current one, in which inflation shows no sign of stopping its upward race, this is a fundamental tool for combating the current situation. In fact, thanks to them all the negative effects of inflation can be countered, one above all the loss of purchasing power.

That is, the devaluation of money can be counteracted. By now, everyone knows that the shopping cart, compared to the previous year, for the same amount incurred for purchases, is half empty. In fact, if before with 100 euros it was possible to buy products that served for the entire week to support a small-medium family, today this is not the case. That same figure does not allow you to sleep peacefully.

Grocery shopping has also become a luxury for a few people, like refueling and heating in winter. A very bad situation that hasn’t been seen for 25 years, which began with the pandemic and made even heavier by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Returning to our discussion, the one relating to credit cardswe can say that, by now, Italians love them.

When you get hold of these fantastic tools, you can make payments for purchases in physical and online stores and you can make withdrawals at the counters. Obviously, you must be the holder of a current account to which the credit card will belong. You must know, however, that these cards still have a cost. Here’s what you need to do in order not to shell out a disproportionate amount. Or rather, what you need to check to get even a little savings.

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There are hidden costs that you don’t notice: the result is a huge outlay.

Before issuing the credit card, the Bank examines the financial soundness of the applicant since the latter issues a bank credit line, which is nothing more than a loan from which one must repay on a monthly basis. Furthermore, both daily and monthly maximum limits are imposed for the operations to be carried out. Plus, there are costs.

Payment by credit card: an increasingly widespread practice (web) –

These are the annual fee and commissions on withdrawals made. And this is just talking about what is happening in our country. What you need to know is that there are cards that don’t involve charges. And these are the cards on which to focus attention in order to save money. Among all, we point out the Carta You Of Advanzia Bank with zero fees and no commission on withdrawals.

Another zero credit card Blue Credit Card Of American Express. No fees for the first year. From the second onwards, the fee to be paid is 35 euros a year. But you can get a kind of cashback which amounts to 1% of what you spend. For both cards there is no need to open any associated current accounts. But there are still others. Most important of all is information. You need to get informed in order to get advantages and save money.

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