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One of the greatest dangers our country is facing, the homosexual movement threatens our very existence. The information learned within the scope of the issue, which Milli Gazete handles with great importance, reveals the extent of the danger. In this context, according to the information we obtained from our sources, thousands of families are clamoring to “Save our children from homosexuality”. of your children LGBT Families who want to be saved from their perversion are calling the authorities and demanding that necessary steps be taken regarding the issue. According to the information obtained by the Milli Gazete, thousands of families demanding that their children be saved from perversion are in great anguish.


While the danger of homosexuality, which thousands of families are crying out for, grows day by day, it is seen that LGBT perverts have made great gains especially in the last 15 years. In this direction, while it is known that the LGBT Student Association was established in 2007, this disgrace İstanbulThe opening of the LGBT hotel in . In 2014, when the “Project for the Promotion of Gender Equality in Education”, which directly threatened our society, came into effect, LGBT marches started for the first time a year later. In the same year, the number of LGBT associations in Turkey reached 22. Ending the process in which LGBT gains legal ground is of great importance in the fight against deviance. In this context, it is necessary to oppose the homosexual movement at the legal level.

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