Saudi Sport Reports on Ronaldo’s Involvement in Al Hilal’s Talks with Messi, Along with Zidane’s Unexpected Revelation

Serves as a board of directors Al Hilal Club, headed by Fahd bin Nafel, to settle two heavy-caliber deals; In preparation for the upcoming sports season 2023-2024.

And Al-Hilal presents impressive levels “externally”, during the current sports season 2022-2023; Where they finished second in the Club World Cup, with qualification to the final of the AFC Champions League.

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As for the local level.. Al-Zaeem Al-Hilali occupies fourth place in the table of the Saudi Professional Roshan League, with 39 points, with two postponed matches, and 11 points behind the “leading” Al-Ittihad.

* Behind the scenes of Al Hilal officials meeting with Lionel Messi

In this context, sports journalist Enad Al-Rasheed hinted at a meeting between Fahd bin Nafel, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Hilal Club, and Argentine legend Lionel Messi, in the French capital, Paris.

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Al-Hilal has been seeking for weeks to sign Messi, 35, starting from the next sports season 2023-2024. After the end of his contract with the first football team of the French club Paris Saint-Germain.

And under the heading “Special”.. Al-Rasheed wrote through his official account on the micro-blogging site “Twitter”: “The meeting took place with Messi, by the president and more than one person with sports positions and others, in France.”

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The sports journalist blew up a heavy-caliber surprise by revealing the participation of personalities affiliated with the same institutions that negotiated with Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo to transfer Messi to the Hilal leader.

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And Ronaldo, 38, joined the first football team at Al-Nasr Club, in the last winter Mercato, “January 2023”; For two and a half seasons, for 500 million euros (2 billion Saudi riyals).

* Khalifa Ramon Diaz in training Al-Hilal Club

On the other hand, sports journalist Abdulaziz Al-Muraisel announced that the French coach, Zinedine Zidane, was officially approaching the Saudi stadiums.

Al-Muraisel said, through his official account on the Twitter micro-blogging site: “We may see Zidane, a coach in the Saudi League … the negotiations are not born today.”

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During previous periods, there was strong news that the Hilal administration had made an attractive offer to Zidane. To lead the football first team, succeeding Argentine Ramon Diaz.

And the 50-year-old French coach has not been linked to a contract with any club, since his departure from the leadership of the first football team at Real Madrid, Spain, in June 2021.

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