Saudi Cooperation announces a two-year contract with Carteron, coach of Zamalek

Today, Wednesday, the Saudi Cooperation Club announced its agreement with French Patrice Carteron, former technical director of Zamalek Club, to assume responsibility for training for the next two seasons. French Patrice Carteron, to lead the team, for two seasons, where the final contract will be signed, between the two parties in Qatar upon the arrival of the coach.

On Tuesday, the French coach paid the penalty clause to Zamalek management, estimated at $ 250,000, and decided to leave the White Knight, to lead the Saudi cooperation team.

Saudi Cooperation Statement

The Saudi Al-Taawon team is currently playing in Qatar, its remaining matches in the Asian Champions League.

Portugal’s Jimmy Pacheco, the former coach of Zamalek, and the French coach Desabre, the former coach of Pyramids and the Moroccan national team, entered the circle of training nominations for the first football team at Zamalek Club during the current period to succeed French Carteron. .

Some agents nominated Pacheco and French Desaber to run Zamalek to succeed Carteron, and the trainer selection committee in Zamalek is studying some biographies of two foreign coaches to succeed Carteron, provided that the official selection takes place within days.


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