Saudi Authorities Find Violating Warehouse Entered Through a “Refrigerator Door”

Screenshots shown video The moment the Saudi authorities discovered a violating warehouse, which is entered through a “refrigerator door”.

The account of the National Program for Combating Commercial Concealment on Twitter said that during the program’s rounds with the participation of the monitoring teams in the Ministry of Commerce and the Riyadh Municipality, workers were caught in a violating warehouse, who were hiding in a “den” that is entered from the “refrigerator door”.

In the video, a person appears as he opens what appears to be a refrigerator door, and it turns out that it is the entrance to an apartment that appears to be used as a factory.

The program account stated that the violators were referred to the competent authorities, to take legal action against them.

Last April, the Saudi Food and Drug Authority imposed penalties on (54) establishments that violated the regulations for pharmaceutical and herbal establishments and preparations.

2023-06-04 11:52:19
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