Saudi Arabia destroys Houthi ballistic missile from Yemen

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Saudi Arabia intercepted and destroyed a number of ballistic missiles fired by rebel groups Houthi from Yaman towards Mushait City on Sunday (27/6).

As reported Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the Saudi-led coalition stated that they succeeded in thwarting the Houthi attacks targeting densely populated areas.

The Saudi coalition also confirmed that it would take various measures to respond to the source of the threat.

This is not the first time the Houthis have fired ballistic missiles at the Saudis. In recent months, the Houthis have stepped up their attacks towards densely populated areas of Saudi Arabia.

Reuters reported that the Saudis had intercepted dozens of Houthi drones in recent months.

For the past six years, Saudi Arabia has been at the center of the Yemen conflict. The Saudis decided to help the government of Abdurabbuh Mansur Hadi after the Houthis took over the Yemeni presidential palace in 2015.

In almost every attack, the Gulf states have expressed their support for the Saudis against the Houthis.

[Gambas:Video CNN]

According to the Yemen Data Project, at least 18,500 civilians have been killed in about 20,000 Saudi-led coalition attacks on Yemen since 2015.

As a country that borders directly with Saudi Arabia and Yemen, Oman has recently intensified diplomatic efforts so that both sides would agree to a ceasefire.




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