Saudi analyst reveals major factor that terrified Russian forces and forced them out of Ukrainian ‘Kherson’ • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: A Saudi analyst said Russian forces humiliatingly withdrew from Kherson at night after a 40-day occupation out of fear of annihilation.

The political analyst pointed out, in a video clip, which he shared with his followers, that the Russian forces withdrew in complete darkness, out of fear of marches. He explained that these marches, American and European, owned by Ukraine, terrorized the 40,000-strong Russian army in Kherson, noting that this retreat had brought down the prestige of the Russian army in Kherson.

The analyst believed that this withdrawal has two interpretations, saying: either this withdrawal is a qualitative tactical counterattack operation, this operation can be “limited radiation” or it can be defeated.

He concluded by saying: either this withdrawal is the beginning of the end for Russia, or this withdrawal comes after a “thrill” in Kherson.

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