“Saturday’s episode on April 1: Anticipations of Amici’s elimination in the evening”

Friends of Maria De Filippi 2022/2023

The previews of the third episode which will be aired on Saturday 1 April tell of a recording full of laughter with Enrico Brignano and the comedian duo Corrado Nuzzo and Maria Di Biase as guests in the studio. Samu and Wax in the final ballot, but only one of them will be eliminated.

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Friends of Maria De Filippi 2022/2023

An exciting new installment of Friends in the evening about to arrive. The previews of third installment which will air on Saturday, April 1 tell a recording full of laughs with Henry Brignano who will be a guest in the studio with his monologue, in addition to the comic duo composed of Corrado Nuzzo and Maria Di Biase.

The eliminated from the third episode of Amici 22

There are already four students who have had to leave the program since the beginning of the evening, namely Megan and NDG in the first episode, Piccolo G and Gianmarco in the second. Fortunately, as they reveal the advances broadcast by Amici News via Superguida TV, on the evening of Saturday 1 April only one of the boys will have to leave school. During the episode, which was recorded Thursday 30 Marchthey have arrived al final ballot Samu, Wax and Ramonbut it will be Samu and Wax who will dispute the decisive duel, which will cost one of the two their stay in the evening.

What happened to the evening of Amici on Saturday 2 April

The episode began with the challenge between the judges which led to the study center Michele Bravi, Cristiano Malgioglio and Giuseppe Giofrè grappling with some arduous yoga poses.

Once the engines of the episode had warmed up, we immediately moved on to first run: Aaron has singer The truth challenging Mattia who performed in a pas de deux with Benedetta. Point to Matthias. Aaron then challenged Alessio, who danced to the tune of Super heroes. Point at Aaron. On the ballot Wax, Federica and Alessio. Wax ends up on the ballot.

In the second run Isobel was the protagonist of a gauntlet on an emotional choreography, which cost her many criticisms from the teacher Celentano. Find he is the provisional eliminated of this round in the third some finally the team led by Rudy Zerbi and Alessandra Celentano had the worst, with Ramon which ended up in the final ballot.

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