Saturday’s car accident by Vašek Jelínek from the band Lunetic ended in death

This weekend belonged to Leoš Mareš, who, after a long and forced break, fulfilled the wishes of all his fans, and his concerts finally took place, both on Friday and Saturday. The singer and member of the band Lunetic, forty-three-year-old Václav Jelínek, did not miss Saturday’s megaconcert. But the evening ended tragically. When he returned from the O2 arena back to Jablonec nad Nisou, he knocked down a man on the highway.

The singer knocked down a man on the D10 motorway at its 44th kilometer, in a place where two petrol stations are facing each other while passing through Mladá Boleslav. A 40-year-old pedestrian was crossing the highway at this point. Police published information that a man in the left lane was first hit by a car and the impact bounced him into the right lane, where he was run over by another car. The singer immediately began reviving the injured man, who lost his leg as a result of the collision, and despite the professional intervention of rescuers, the man eventually succumbed to his injuries on the spot. The breath test of both drivers was negative and the accident will now be dealt with by criminologists from Mladá Boleslav.

Jelínek’s manager published information that the singer and his wife had flown to Ibiza, where they would recover from the shock of the event, and also added that Jelínek did not intend to comment on anything. Already on May 20, together with Aleš Slaný and David Škach, he is to start a tour of the band Lunetic in the Czech Republic called Šapito Tour 2022 in Mělník.



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