Saturday and Sunday there will be Covid vaccination in Galerías Tlaxcala, in the capital – El Sol de Tlaxcala

Today Saturday and tomorrow Sunday, the delegation of the Secretary of Well-being will be vaccinated against Covid-19 to the Galerías Tlaxcala square, in the state capital, from 12:00 to 18:00.

immunization will be for the application of the first and second dose or reinforcement for people from 18 years old.

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On this weekend day will be applied the vacciness of the pharmaceutical companies AstraZeneca (thousand) and tiresome (two thousand 300), and availability depends on the response of citizens.

It is important that when you go to thea vaccination people present the voter credential issued by the National Electoral Institute and proof of the last dose they received.

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No matter the municipality of origin of the people, since immunization is aimed at people without schemes or incomplete schemes from across the state.

Con this day the state is preparing for the possible arrival of the fifth wave of Covid-19.

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