Satirist Anatoly Trushkin died of coronavirus in Moscow

Popular satirist writer Anatoly Trushkin died of severe coronavirus in his 79th year of life. Trushkin was in the intensive care unit and was connected to a ventilator, but the doctors could not save the life of a comedian.

The fact that Trushkin became infected with coronavirus and was hospitalized in one of the Moscow hospitals became known on May 9. The satirist had difficulty breathing and was given a dropper. He found out about the positive analysis the day before.

He himself, in a conversation with the website, admitted that he did not know exactly where he had become infected, but noted that he went to shops and criticized himself for being frivolous.

“This infection cannot be condescending – they say, it will carry me. It was impossible to do so. I thought so too, but it didn’t, ”he said.

At that time, his condition was assessed as moderate.

“Doctors do everything necessary, give some injections – there are so many of them that I don’t even remember. Doctors said they had to endure. After a few days, improvement should come.

After all, only two days have passed since the onset of the disease. The temperature is still at around 38 – we are struggling with it and the fact that the stomach is not working well. Nausea, vomiting, ”he told reporters about his condition.

His close friend, the artist Nikas Safronov, also told the media about Trushkin’s condition, according to which the writer complied with all the doctor’s instructions.

“There is no stable improvement yet. But Tolya is conscious, talking. We are constantly in touch with him. It’s hard for him: the temperature keeps, weakness, difficult to breathe. We all pray that he will recover faster. I ordered services in the temples for his health, because Trushkin is one of my closest friends, ”he said to his“ Interlocutor ”.

Safronov also told reporters that Trushkin had already suffered a serious illness several years ago.

“We literally pumped him out: his hemoglobin fell many times lower than normal. Then the doctors did everything to restore it. But the satirical organism has been greatly weakened since then. I am sure that Tolya will recover, despite all the vicissitudes. He is a strong man, so he will certainly be able to recover and will delight us with his wonderful satirical stories for a long time to come, ”he shared.

On May 22, Trushkin’s condition worsened sharply, his pressure increased, and an oxygen mask was required.

“Anatoly Alekseevich is in serious condition. Just yesterday I spoke with the head doctor of the hospital. She hopes the doctors can handle it. The volume of lung damage in Trushkin, unfortunately, is very large. And their oxygen content is only 80%, ”said Safronov.

After hospitalization, Trushkina became aware that his wife also became infected with the coronavirus, and she was prescribed a course of antibiotics.

“She says that she has the lamp lit all the time. And I pray that he will recover quickly. Recently I was in Ulyanovsk, in the church I asked that the priests also read prayers for Trushkin and his wife, ”Safronov said.

In early June, in an interview with Petersburg Diary, Safronov again mentioned Trushkin’s worsening condition.

“Anatoly Alekseevich Trushkin, a satirical writer and a close friend of mine, just phoned me. He is 78 years old. He spent three weeks in intensive care, and more than 75% of his lungs are affected. Doctors did everything to restore it. Today Anatoly Alekseevich was transferred to the ward, but he speaks very poorly. But this is a man of words, and he always had a clear, well-delivered speech. And now it seems that he is only learning to speak, ”he shared.


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