Satanic Nike with a real drop of blood, banned from sale (photos) – radio contact

The “Satan shoes” are causing a scandal in the United States! Nike has also sued the MSCHF studio that designed these sneakers, in collaboration with rapper Lil Nas X.

This model is in fact a revisit of the Nike Air Max 97. Usually, Nike encourages creatives around the world to divert its flagship shoes to make them unique collector’s items. But here, it goes too far.

A drop of human blood in the soles

The “Satan shoes” display shocking satanic details: a pentagram on the laces and the word “10:18” on the blank of the shoes (in reference to chapter 10 verse 18 of the Bible: “Jesus said to them, I saw falling Satan like lightning “). The soles even contain red ink mixed with a real drop of human blood!

The model was sold in 666 copies (devil’s number) at a price of 1018 dollars… And all the pairs were sold.

Nike is in no way associated with this project and therefore attacked the MSCHF studio for infringement. American justice has ordered the studio to stop delivering the sneakers.

On our side, we greatly prefer the brand’s new model, which can be slipped on without hands!

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