Sassari, health in emergency: the alarm raised by the unions

The unions of Sassari proclaim a state of agitation.

The trade unions Fp Cgil, Cisl FP and Uil FpI of Sassari write to prefect asking for a meeting to express their strong concern on the evolution of the covid-19 epidemic and its management, by both the Sardinia Region and the local leaders of Aou and Assl.

The only city emergency room is taking charge of the wave of accesses of people with coronavirus symptoms, the numbers are alarming, important and always on the rise. “Ben seven hospital operating units belonging to the complexes of the San Pietro clinics have been converted into beds for the care of covid patients, a condition for which no covid health needs are being diverted at the Santissima Annunziata, however, congesting the operating units such as medicine, geriatrics and surgery ”, comment the unions.

Concern also for the sanitization and clean dirt paths. A stance also on closure of the neurology department: “In addition to dying from Covid, people also die from other diseases. We believe that there are and were other solutions such as, especially with the summer in between, readjusting the second and sixth floors of Palazzo Clemente, or using / merging double wards such as Orthopedics ”, the unions continue.

The organizations also denounce the lack of personnel, and the absence of a real overall plan for the connection between Aou and Ats. “FP Cgil, Cisl FP and Uil FPL proclaim the state of agitation of the staff of the entire health sector of Sassarese, reserving the right to decide any type of initiative aimed at radically changing the approach and method of managing the emergency in progress “, conclude

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