Sarukhanov divorced 6 times before finding the one: here’s what she looks like

Sarukhanov found his seventh wife by correspondence.

A dancer, ballerina and society lady, the Russian singer and guitarist seemed to be gathering a pantheon of the most diverse women, but all this time he was just looking for happiness. And found – with a girl who is 30 years younger.

Fashion designer Lesya Sadovskaya met Igor when she sewed costumes for him for performances. The artist was struck by the beauty of Lesya and, despite the difference of 30 years, decided to win her heart. They corresponded a lot on social networks, and at the end of 2022 they played a modest wedding. This year, Igor dedicated the song “One in a Million” to his seventh wife.

The presence of a stylish brunette son from a previous marriage of a loving singer and guitarist does not bother: he fulfilled his dream of becoming a father in his sixth marriage with his concert director Tatyana Kostycheva. The fifth wife of Sarukhanov was the ballerina Ekaterina Golubeva-Poldi, but the marriage did not last long because of Sarukhanov’s new passion. Socialite Lena Lenskaya left Sarukhanov herself.

The third wife, a purebred gypsy, charmed the womanizer with her singing. The second – an archaeologist by profession – could not stand the betrayals and numerous fans of the heartthrob. And the first – an acrobat artist – was the singer’s muse for two whole years.

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