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In Neuillé-Pont-Pierre (Indre-et-Loire), the company Rustin, specialist in rubber and silicone, opened its second workshop under the responsibility of Samuel Wiot. (© Le Petit Courrier – L’Echo de la Vallée du Loir)

There are still some adjustments to be made and not all the machines are installed.

But, that’s it, from the start February 2021, the second company workshop Rustin, rubber specialist, opened its doors at Neuillé-Pont-Pierre (Indre-et-Loire), within the business park Polaxis.

Rubber and silicone specialist

Installed at The Chartre-sur-le-Loir, in the south of Sarthe, the family business is a specialist in rubber for “Technical waterproofing”.

A complex term behind which hides the production of rooms (like gaskets) for areas as varied as railway, aeronautics or the cold chain.

“Covid-19 or not, innovation does not stop”

Facing a market in extension and a forecast of growth from 20 to 30 % per year, so we had to push the walls.

Because, if other sectors of activity have suffered from health crisis, this is not the case with rubber and you silicone, both pillars of Sarthoise society.

Louis Rustin, the founder’s great-grandson and head of the company, explains.

“The French market is in free fall but the export is working very well, it is a very strong traction. We work for very specific needs, in aeronautics and railways for example, on very specific product developments. Covid or not, innovation does not stop. “

Louis RustinDirector of the Rustin company

Parts for the German TGV

AT Neuillé-Pont-Pierre, “Where mass-prod will eventually be transferred”, the team is working on the production of seals for the doors of the cars of the German TGV.

At the maneuver, Kathleen Ricordeau and Victoria Chevreux, supervised by Samuel Wiot.

“Here, we mainly work with silicone, for public transport, rail. For the German TGV, we must deliver seals for 800 doors in 2022. The building is designed to carry out mass production ”

Samuel Wiotworkshop manager

From Doha to Amsterdam… to Paris?

In addition to the German TGV, the employees will also work on parts for the aerial subway of Doha, and a European metro line “but I cannot communicate about the city”, specifies Louis Rustin.

“Many projects are arriving this year because several lines, all over the world, have to be renovated or created. We have a project for the Amsterdam metro, for the London metro, and Berlin. We hope that this can be done, it represents thirty years of activity. We also have good hopes for the RER B in Paris. “

Louis Rustin

The company also works “locally”. A project is launched for the Paris-Poitiers-Clermont-Toulouse railway line. “They have placed orders for the passenger access doors. We are happy to work for our neighbors! “

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The Rustin company (Sarthe and Indre-et-Loire) works on rubber and silicone parts for aeronautics, railways ... It also develops products for sealing batteries, a market
The Rustin company (Sarthe and Indre-et-Loire) works on rubber and silicone parts for aeronautics, railways, etc. It is also developing products for sealing batteries, a market “which is going to explode”. (© Le Petit Courrier – L’Echo de la Vallée du Loir)

Hiring in anticipation

At the same time, the company is developing the waterproofing of batteries. A market ” who go explode », For cars, planes, boats, bicycles…

Result ? “If all goes well, we will be a little over a hundred employees at the end of the year. And we are constantly hiring operators. We train them here and we do not ask for specific diplomas. We are not sectarians! »A good hearer

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