Sarkozy’s raid on Che tempo che fa, Fazio interrupts the interview with Carla Bruni but he runs away

Surprise raid of Nicholas Sarkozy a What’s the weather like. Fabio Fazio hosted live Carla Bruni, in connection from his residence in France. The former French premiere dame was in her home studio, the one she uses to compose her music. Intrigued, Fazio asked the Italian singer and model to zoom in and show the room when the former French prime minister appeared in the background. Upon hearing the news, the host interrupted the interview with Bruni to ask Sarkozy to join them. His wife framed him for only a few moments, just long enough for Sarkozy to say a very brief greeting before exiting the frame.

Fabio Fazio’s surprise in front of Sarkozy: “The president, do you realize?”

Mr. President, good evening. But stay with us. But sorry, President Sarkozy!”Said Fazio visibly surprised. Carla Bruni immediately brought the shot back to her, smiling at Fazio’s enthusiasm. “Yes I know“, She replied, amused,”I keep it hidden all for myself. My husband told me to tell you that as soon as his new book comes out and we can travel, he will come to you and introduce it”. “I look forward to it, is it still there? Don’t you want to hear your song?“, Fazio tried again to bring the former French president back on the air but the invitation fell on deaf ears when the singer replied with her famous smile:”No, he left“. Before Carla Bruni played one of the last pieces composed for the audience of What’s the weather like, Fazio tried again to report the former president on video: “And the president? I’m sorry he left because I wanted to ask him about Europe but never mind, I’ll ask him when he comes here. But do you realize that President Sarkozy has entered the scene? Let’s see if he likes the song, at least that”.

Carla Bruni and Covid in France: “Situation identical to the Italian one”

Before Sarkozy made his surprise entry into his wife’s study, Fazio had asked Carla Bruni how she was proceeding the Covid-19 epidemic in France, another European country heavily affected by the virus. “The situation in France is identical to that in Italy, as in the whole world. The only good thing about this frightening disease is that we are all united. We have a very high number of infections but I have a lot of faith in people. In Paris we try to keep working while being prudent”, Explained Bruni.


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