Sari Asih Hospital Attacks Holds Blood Donation to Benefit Others

The benefits of blood donation can detect serious diseases in the body

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SERANG — Blood donation has many benefits for the body, besides being healthy, it can also save other people in need. For this reason, the moment of donating blood was followed by many participants who wanted to donate their blood for the good of themselves and others.

As is known benefits blood donors can detect serious diseases in the body such as HIV, hepatitis B, C to malaria. Besides that. Regular blood donation can also increase the production of blood cells and maintain heart health.

These various benefits are the reason Sari Asih Hospital Serang held a Blood Donation activity to commemorate World Blood Donor Day, in collaboration with PMI Serang Regency, Wednesday (29/06/22).

“This activity is open to employees and the public. Participants who are interested in becoming blood donors are first recorded and checked to ensure their health and readiness to donate blood,” said Head of the Blood Donation Committee at Sari Asih Hospital, Serang, Dr. Laras Alditsa Surya Kusumaningrat.

Although useful, according to Dr. Laras, not all participants can donate blood. There are several provisions for prospective donors to be able to participate in this activity, one of which is that they are not taking certain drugs and do not have diseases that can be spread through this blood transmission. “Among them have diabetes, have cancer, low or high blood pressure, suffer from infectious diseases or have been addicted to narcotics or alcohol,” said Dr. Laras Alditsa Surya Kusumaningrat.

This blood donation activity was carried out in the Multipurpose Hall of the Sari Asih Hospital Serang and was enthusiastically welcomed by the employees and the general public. For blood donors who have finished donating blood, they are given snacks and nutritious food to restore stamina after blood donation. “This blood donation activity will be carried out regularly for the benefit of many people,” said Dr. Laras Alditsa Surya Kusumaningrat.

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