Sardine death, Sahara desert heavy snow… Earth’s’warning’


Last summer, fish were killed in the United States… A similar thing happened this time in Chile. As if the Earth is sending a warning, there are heavy snowfalls in the desert, and the rainy season does not stop even after summer.

This is a new reporter.


About ten days ago, sardine carcasses started to accumulate.

A beach in Chile is covered with dead fish.

It is being analyzed because the water temperature suddenly rose or the water quality deteriorated.

Global warming has ruined the seas.

Not just the sea.

The Sahara Desert is covered with snow, and it keeps raining where summer is over.

Sudden heavy rains have turned the city into a sea of ​​water.

[프랑스 파리 시민 : 겨울에 이런 현상은 흔하지 않아요. 보통 가을에 보이는 현상입니다.]

On the 7th, a glacier collapsed in a national park in India due to rising temperatures.

Because of that, 170 people have not been found.

Last year was the hottest year.

[클레어 눌리스/세계기상기구 대변인 (2020년 8월) : (올해 여름은) 1931년 이래 가장 뜨겁고, 지구 역사상 세 번째로 기온이 높을 것으로 보입니다.]

According to the World Meteorological Organization, more than 410,000 people have died from climate change in the last 10 years.

Corona 19 and climate change response are expected to be the main agenda at the G7 Summit held in the UK in June.

(Screen source: YouTube’Karim Boushetta’)
(Video graphic: Youngjoo Han)

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