Sarah’s no-nonsense attitude towards appearance and relationships

Sarah says in the interview that she is ‘no-nonsense’. “I’m happy to walk the dogs in my bathrobe or tracksuit and without make-up,” she says, although she admits that her lips are “a bit more noticeable.” “But good news: I’m going to have the fillers removed.”

According to Sarah, her mother is especially happy with her decision. She says: “My mother is already cheering. She always says: ‘I had already given birth to a beautiful child, didn’t I?'”

In the candid interview, Sarah says that she has her appearance tinkered with because she wanted to ‘compensate in a bad period’. “I didn’t think I was pretty and all my friends did this. Even when I admitted that I went to rehab, everyone fell over me. Fortunately, I have great family and friends who always support me.”

There is currently no new love in her life. Sarah: “I’m waiting patiently. The package of requirements is not that high. He must have a sense of humour, be sweet and love dogs, because he will get two right away. And blond hair and blue eyes are also fine.”

2023-06-10 13:00:08
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