“Sarah” asks for the cancellation of her marriage contract after a week of marriage: “She has dimples and b

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Wednesday 05 October 2022

I wrote – Fatima Adel:

Sarah A., 30, a housewife, filed a lawsuit before the family court in the fifth settlement, demanding the cancellation of her marriage contract, justifying her request: “He has dimples and dances while walking.”

In his case no. 57 of 2021, “Sarah” claimed to have been married for a week to “Mahmoud M.”, 36, noting that since their marriage she has tried to change her personality, “she has dimples that change her pure appearance and betrayal”.

And she continued: “After marriage, I found that my husband’s speech and behavior were childish, and he didn’t want to change even in front of my family and friends, and when I asked him to change, he completely refused. . “

She concluded in her court case: “When I confronted my husband in his own way more than once for a change, he attacked me. I left his home and then filed for divorce, but he refused.”

He concludes: After a while, I went to the family court and filed a lawsuit for the annulment of a marriage contract, which is still pending.

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