Sport Santuy! This Is Gareth Bale Style When Not...

Santuy! This Is Gareth Bale Style When Not Playing Against Alaves



Future Gareth Bale of Real Madrid looks increasingly erratic. It’s no longer an option, he was actually found very happy to enjoy the moment at the edge of the field.

Last summer, Gareth Bale actually was widely rumored to be moving to China, along with interest from Jiangsu Suning. Moreover, it is said, say GiveMeSport, the club is ready to pay Bale a salary of 1 million a week.

However, in the process the Wales international survived at the Santiago Bernabeu. Reportedly, the directors of Real Madrid feel less pleased with the ransom value from Jiangsu Suning.

On the other hand, since then there has also been news that Gareth Bale and the relationship Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid coach, has cracked. The relationship between the two also seemed not to get better.

Even from Real Madrid’s last five matches, Gareth Bale just being a substitute is not played. Or bench bench warmers. Including the time of El Real’s victory over Alaves with a score of 2-0.

The behavior of the 30-year-old footballer who joined Real Madrid from Tottenham Hotspur in 2013 will undoubtedly not make Zidane happy.

On one occasion, Gareth Bale was found wearing his mask to cover the eyes. He rested his head on the chair, with both legs stretched forward. Very santuy!

The television camera then also captures another view of Gareth Bale. When Zidane had made the last substitution, Bale was still seen wearing a santuy style with a faint smile. Soon, his laugh exploded.

Gaya santuy Gareth Bale it is also widely discussed. Not a few who assess his attitude was an indication that he was no longer comfortable at Real Madrid. There are also those who say that it is not proper for Bale to behave like that because it instead seems to lack respect for his colleagues who are struggling on the field. There are also those who sympathize with him.

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