Santos Indurin receives the AstraZeneca vaccine: “A picture is worth a thousand words, I am delighted”

The Minister of Health of the Government of Navarra, Saints Indurain, has been vaccinated this Saturday against Covid-19 with AstraZeneca, as this vaccine corresponds to their age group. “I am delighted, and as I told my patients when I was in the consultation and they asked me what I would do in their place, simply, A picture is worth a thousand words“, he declared to the media before entering the old college of Marists of Pamplona, which precisely this Saturday comes into operation as a new vaccination space.

Induráin has assured that they are “many more benefits“of the vaccine against the risks of passing a disease that” is causing serious complications such as hospitalizations and ICU.

The counselor has wanted to send a message of reassurance to the population about the possible risks that this vial may pose, and has insisted that the Department does not warn that the Navarrese population is rejecting the reception of this dose. The adverse events that are reported, such as thrombi, occur in a very small number and also “does not mean that they are related to vaccination”, emphasizes the Medicines Agency.

Santos Induráin was born in 1959, so she has been cited to be vaccinated by age group and with the vaccine that corresponds to her in the strategy, AstraZeneca.

“I get vaccinated with the vaccine that is defined for my population group and that is the one that is included in the strategy,” he remarked. She is, as explained, the first councilor of the Government of Navarra to be vaccinated.

The counselor, who has declared to come “delighted”, has highlighted to the media upon her departure that “I have felt very well received, very well attended“and has assured that he has seen” satisfaction “in the other people who have come to get vaccinated.” It seems to me that with a pandemic as hard as the one that all of society is experiencing, this it is a reason for joy and is what I have observed in people who have also been vaccinated“, has underlined.

The counselor thanked the professionals who are vaccinating and who are “collaborating in the important impulse that vaccination is taking, for what it means to prevent the disease, serious complications and to be a common good”. He has also highlighted the answer and the “collective responsibility“of the citizens who have decided to get vaccinated.

Induráin has pointed out that understands the distrust of the AstraZeneca vaccine “because of the changes that have taken place” and he pointed out that “our role now is to communicate, transmit it well, explain and say why these changes” and “explain that we have a good pharmacovigilance system”. In this sense, he has ensured that in the Autonomous Community “there is no such significant loss of confidence” as in other communities regarding the vaccine, although it has recognized that “there may be some rise” regarding the initial data of 3% of people who refuse to be vaccinated.

Santos Induráin has affirmed that the benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine with respect to its risks “are many more” and “that is what we have to transmit to the population” and “after each citizen decides.” And he highlighted the importance of the vaccine to “prevent the disease but above all serious complications, hospitalizations and deaths, as we are observing in the groups that have already been vaccinated and have been immunized.”

Asked about what is going to happen to professionals who have already received the first dose of AstraZeneca but who have now been left out of the 60 to 69 age range, the counselor stressed that “decisions of this importance have to be taken without Hurry, we don’t have an urgency to have to make a decision without taking into account all the evidence and studies that are underway. ” “There is a deadline, let’s make a coordinated decision, also with other countries, agreed with the experts,” he remarked.

Regarding the incidence of Covid-19 in Navarra, in a day in which 222 new cases have been detected and positivity has stood at 8.5%, Induráin has indicated that “We go from week to week, we are going to see this week and we are going to give this time to see if the measures we have applied are achieving the objective we have“.” What we have learned in other waves is that for measures such as the closure of the interior of the hotel industry, it took between 10 and 15 days, but the reality is that with high incidents the hospital system is stressed, “Induráin remarked. has reported that there are currently 34 people in the ICU with this disease.



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