Santiago Silva broke the silence and announced an important news about his future SPORTS El Intransigente

In April 2019 the race of Santiago Silva it was stopped abruptly as it was disqualified from playing after having tested positive for anti-doping. The fact is that the striker was undergoing a fertilization treatment to become a father, which is why the elevated testosterone level arose that caused his suspension. From that moment he began to fight day after day to be allowed to retire inside a soccer field.

After several months of fighting, the news came that everyone was waiting for. El Tanque spoke on How Do You Go on Radio Colonia, and revealed the date on which he will be able to feel like a professional footballer again. “In December I will be released to be able to play anywhere. I knew it long ago and I preserved it. I am very well, my head is very good, I am maintaining myself physically and mentally. I haven’t played for 1 year and 4 months ”, he assured.

At the time, Silva was one of the main pieces of Argentinos Juniors, a club to which he is no longer linked due to all this situation. During all this time, he had to travel along a path full of thorns, where only now did he obtain the authorization that he sought so much. “I had to go through a place in soccer that I never wanted to go through. Soccer is the most beautiful thing there is, but I got to know everything behind soccer. If that didn’t make me want it, it doesn’t make me want anything ”, he revealed.

It is that to return to play, the Tank came to resort to ordinary justice, something that is not very well seen by the world of football. In any case, the forward made it clear that at the moment he does not plan to make big revelations, and that he only thinks about jumping back onto a pitch. “I have many things inside of me that at some point I am going to tell them. Today I am stronger than ever and I will come back better than before ”, he assured.

Where will you play? At the moment, El Pelado does not have any type of agreement with any institution, although what he did make clear is in which place he would like. “I would like to be able to continue in Argentina and close the circle here,” concluded the forward who will turn 41 on December 9. Now that the date of his qualification is publicly known, offers will surely begin to arrive for a forward who never lost his scoring power until the last day he played.


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