Santiago Bertamoni assumed as titular member in the Council of the Judiciary – Diario Junin

The President of the Junín Bar Association, Santiago Bertamoni, became a regular member of the Council of the Provincial Magistracy.

From today, the lawyer occupies the position as Regular Counselor in representation of the lawyers of the interior.

Recently, after the elections held at the Junín Judicial Department Bar Association, Dr. Bertamoni had been elected president of the Association for the next term, replacing Pablo Rasuk.

Now, the young professional from our city assumes a new responsibility in the area of ​​the province of Buenos Aires.

Bertamoni highlighted days spent in Junín that “now we have the challenge of managing the College all together; We are no longer a list that competes against another. Now we have the challenge of working together on issues as important as the improvement of the Justice service, the quality and efficiency of work and the improvement of remuneration through the regulation of fees, all of which constitutes a beneficial improvement. for the rights of lawyers.

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