Santander will control the confinements of citizens | Radio Santander

The Ministry of Health of the Government of Cantabria and the City Council of Santander will collaborate to develop a strategy that guarantees strict compliance with the sanitary standards in the city, and, as a first measure, they will control the confinements of citizens with the help of the Local police, so that people who are serving quarantine do not leave their homes and reduce possible scenarios of outbreaks of the pandemic.

This has been indicated by the mayor, Gema Igual, after holding a meeting this morning with the director and the deputy director of Public health, Paloma Navas and Juan José Sánchez Asensio, respectively, which was also attended by the Councilor for Health of the City Council, Noemí Méndez.

“We are finalizing a safe and adapted city plan where we are going to promote actions that promote outdoor exercise, leisure and responsible consumption in the streets and activity in the neighborhoods, in addition to carrying out campaigns and preventive measures in the different areas of Santander ”, explained the councilor of the Cantabrian capital.

The same has also shown its willingness to “total collaboration” with the Ministry of Health to try to contain the pandemic “With the measures that are necessary, because the most important thing is to guarantee the health of citizens,” he stressed.

In this way, the mayor has stressed that there will be a “complete coordination” between the agents of the Local Police and the Ministry in situations that require strict control, such as confinement of people who have tested positive for covid-19. “We also request the collaboration of citizens and their responsibility, because we are playing a lot and we must collaborate together to stop the curve of the pandemic,” he added.

However, Gema Igual has transmitted a message of tranquility: “The situation in Santander is not yet worrying, but we must make a greater effort to ensure that it is not ”.

In this sense, he emphasized that the City Council “will put all the means to help citizens to comply with the health legislation, through a series of extraordinary and innovative measures, which will also include the revitalization of the neighborhoods in a safe and contained way ”.

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