Sansiri announces to adjust sales target for year 65 to rise to 47 billion baht after 9 months of sales of over 37 billion baht

o Sansiri (SIRI) opposes market trends, shaking the New Year’s total sales target for the year 65, announcing a new target to rise to 47 billion baht, a 40% increase over the previous year with a total turnover of 33,500 million baht.

o After 9 months of sales, it surpassed 37 billion baht, surpassing the full-year sales target of 35 billion baht in 9 months, growing nearly 60% over the same period last year, showing a horizontal sales pitch of 27 billion baht. Baht 110% growth

o Highlights of Q3 results, sales reached 18.5 trillion baht, a record increase from the previous week, an increase of over 200% and hit New High, creating the highest sales in a single quarter! In 3 years

o It signals the real estate market in a positive direction, revealing the industrial plan of the last quarter. The offensive has been launched both horizontally and vertically. Highlights of the low-rise brands Saransiri, Anasiri and Siri Place, along with the latest launch of “FLO by Sansiri”, a condominium overlooking the river, which highlights “Double roof structures”, an elegant central area with river bends and city views, along with the rare object “Loft Unit” of the new condominium overlooking the river, just 350 meters from the Klongsan BTS station and just 3 minutes from ICONSIAM, starting price 2.69 million baht * Open for booking in early November!

Mr. Uthai Uthaisangsuk, Chief Operating Officer of Sansiri Public Company Limited (SIRI), revealed that Sansiri has been considering changing the total sales target in 2022 from the previous set of 35,000 million baht, increased to 47 billion. of baht, a 34% increase from the original target and a 40% increase over the previous year’s total sales of 33,500 million baht, after sales in the 9-month period jumped to 37 billion baht, surpassing Full-year sales target has been set and has grown nearly 60% over the same period last year, split into low-rise project sales of 27 billion baht and condominium project sales of 10 billion baht, achieving exceptional results, especially in the third quarter. Sansiri recorded the latest sales of 18,500 million baht, a record increase over the previous week, an increase of over 200% over the same quarter of the previous year, and a growth of over 153% over the previous quarter. Sales in the third quarter hit a new high, breaking the record! It achieved the highest sales in a single quarter in the 3 years since the Covid situation.

Showcase the sale of 15 projects
Recently sold out The Saphanmai Base
The sales success of the last 9 months has come from customer feedback on trusting the Sansiri brand. Being the number one brand in the hearts of clients in the Thai real estate sector has led to the closure of 15 projects, both low-rise and condominiums. highlight by reinforcing the success of being “Leader of the luxury market” since the creation of Sold Out! The “Narasiri Krungthep Kreetha” project is worth 6 billion baht in 1 month, making the history of luxury home projects in the price range of 50 – 100 million baht, the best seller and the fastest closing project in Thailand. Ready to shake up the real estate sector Immediately closing the sale of the first phase of the “Burasiri Krungthep Kreetha” project, Sansiri’s high-end single-family home brand! The day of the presale, including Sold Out! In a row of 5 condominium projects closing the sale of Condo ME 4, located in the heart of the community – source of work, including Condo Bangna – Bang Bo, Condo Mee On Nut – Rama 9, Condo Mee Navanakorn and Condo Mee Sinsakorn with the latest Sold Out project. Base Saphanmai reinforces the success in the development of an affordable condominium where Sansiri is truly the leader covering every price segment.

Revealing the business plan for the last quarter
The offensive was launched both horizontally and vertically.
Sansiri also plans to launch new projects in the last quarter of this year, divided into 4 low-rise projects, namely “Saransiri Ramkhamhaeng”, a modern farmhouse-style detached house with the latest features. Close to BTS and Krungthep Kreetha Road, new price 7 -14 million baht * Open for booking from 29th to 30th October this project “Anasiri Tiwanon – Srisamarn” Japanese style house. Location on the main road, close to the highway, price 5.59 – 8 million baht * and Japanese style house “Anasiri Songprapha” Convenience in the heart of the city, price 5.99 – 8 million baht *, Anasiri, both new projects, available for booking from 26 to 27 November, including the townhome “Siri Place Ratchaphruek-Nakhon In”, an Amsterdam-style 4-bedroom townhouse, just 5 minutes from The Walk Ratchaphruek * Price 3, 69 – 5 million baht * Open for viewing on October 16th

Recently launched “FLO by Sansiri”, a river view condominium.
Recently, Sansiri has also penetrated the river view condominium market, launching “FLO by Sansiri” (FLO by Sansiri), highlighting ‘Double roof structures’, an elegant central area. with river bends and city view which can see both ICONSIAM and MahaNakhon buildings, a view of the old city from the side which sees both the Prang of Wat Arun Wat Phra Kaew from the bottom of the pool Comes with a distinctive spiral staircase that leads connects to the Riverview Deck above, where you can indulge in the party atmosphere and fireworks for all festivals, along with the “Sky Bar” to relax or party both indoors and out in one atmosphere. leading hotel and loft room, rare object with a ceiling height of 4.8 meters, city and river views. which is available to hurry to book only 20% in the project with another special highlight With 180 degree panoramic views, no views of the blocks and no skyscraper nearby, “FLO by Sansiri” is expected to be an eye-catching project. to create enthusiasm and excitement in the real estate sector During the fourth quarter, with outstanding features in the potential location, just 350 meters from the Khlong San BTS station and only 3 minutes from ICOSIAM.Get ready to meet the “FLO by Sansiri” Sales Gallery, a river view condo, starting at 2.69 million * in early November! Register for more information and special offers of “FLO by Sansiri” at:

“The success of our recent operations and the clear prospects for business growth. As a result, Sansiri is confident that he can generate sales as a new target of 47 billion baht, which is considered a good performance and a positive sign of the real estate market. which should perform well from the end of this year onwards, ”said Uthai.

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