Sanremo 2021, lineup, guests and duets of the third evening –

Sanremo, we are in the third round: the Festival of the missing audience and missed plays arrives at the classic Thursday appointment, that of the covers (here they are in detail). An evening that usually flows under the banner of music, with less side dish. That this year represented by the strange couple Ibra-Mihajlovic: we will see how it goes. After the lineup, you can follow the live broadcast of the evening, minute by minute

22.21 Although through an intermediary, but one would have imagined listening to CCCP at the Sanremo Festival, the most sulphurous act of Italian rock ever. Thanks to Maneskin and Manuel Agnelli

2.16 Bravo Rhythm that makes us listen to this Guccini again and makes us listen to it well (original tribute by Maestrone including)

22.10 This syncopated version of Felicit by Fedez and Michielin definitely makes us regret the originals. Let’s say the whole medley is too syncopated

22.04 The parterre between Bugo and the Nuclear Tactical Penguins is a little too crowded and chaotic to pay homage to this Battisti: let’s remember that right here Lucio our cant together with a certainWilson Pickett in an immortal version

21.52 Something is wrong tonight in Rai production: it turns out that Neffa-Noemi went home for a computer problem, a microphone does not go to poor Fasma who has to interrupt the performance.

21.40 Fiorello enters and cannot refrain from shattering Zingaretti Either he is the mayor of Rome or he is a columnist for D’Urso. Then comes Vasco’s answer to yesterday’s mockery.

21.36 It looks like the Moscow Festival with the Extraliscio e Davide Toffolo . And very funny: who knows how they would have danced in the hall

21.20 Debut for the model Vittoria Ceretti, visibly excited. Francesco Renga worthily pays homage to the eternal Vanoni, Casadilego feels a little bit the stage of the Ariston, much heavier than the Assago Forum

21.09 Something is wrong in this first round between Neffa and Noemi: he is completely out of time, no amalgam. Too bad, because this piece has marked the history of the Italian black …

20.54 March 4, 1943 and for lovers of Italian music a sort of secular holiday, the birthday of Lucio Dalla. Amadeus and Fiorello this time go away quickly in opening the dances of the evening of duets entrusting to Negramaro the interpretation of the beautiful masterpiece of the late Lucio. And perhaps Sangiorgi’s slightly drawn singing not entirely in line with Dallesche atmospheres. Monologue and other homage follows, to Modugno, much more in the frontman’s strings ..

March 4, 2021 (change March 4, 2021 | 22:23)


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