Sanquin blood bank is looking for donors for corona medicine

Sanquin blood bank is looking for people who have been infected with the corona virus. Sanquin calls on them to register as blood plasma donors.

Antibodies can be removed from the blood plasma. Ampoules containing such antibodies can be administered intravenously to vulnerable people as a preventive measure or immediately after infection with the coronavirus. A corona patient who is already very ill has little benefit from the antibodies. But before or immediately after an infection, the administration of the antibodies can have a powerful preventive effect.

Sanquin was commissioned last month by the Ministry of Health to collect 30,000 kilos of plasma containing antibodies. To achieve this, 16,000 donors are needed, who come to donate four to six times. According to the blood bank, 8,000 to 10,000 donors are still needed.

Sanquin has an office in Hanzeplein in Groningen.

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