Sanofi adapts its structures to its new ambitions

It is this Monday that the management of Sanofi will present to employee representatives the plan to cut 750 to 1,060 positions planned by 2022 in France, out of the 23,130 current. “Exclusively based on volunteering”, they relate to positions “Mostly on permanent contracts” said Olivier Bogillot, president of Sanofi for France, to AFP. The group also plans 700 job cuts in Europe, out of the 100,000 employees it has worldwide.

Support functions (Sanofi Aventis Groupe) with 310 to 370 cuts, and R&D functions (Sanofi R&D) with 260 to 390 cuts, will be the hardest hit. In April 2019, Sanofi announced the outsourcing of its support functions in Europe with in particular the transfer to a platform in Hungary of half of the French workforce concerned, i.e. 80 positions. After the outcry aroused by this announcement which came a few months after the presentation of another plan of 300 job cuts, this time in research, Sanofi had to back off in France.

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