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The founder of the brand “B.Yu. Alexandrov “died of COVID-19

A few weeks ago, Boris Alexandrov was diagnosed with COVID-19. His companies were among the leaders in terms of production of glazed curd bars, and his Rostagroexport was one of the top 20 milk processing companies in Russia.

  • Александров died at the age of 73. COVID-19 was confirmed in a businessman in early November, on the 23rd he was hospitalized in serious condition and connected to a ventilator.
  • In recent years, Aleksandrov lived in Latvia – in Jurmala. He moved to the Baltic country after he was diagnosed with cancer.
  • Aleksandrov was born in 1947, he started doing business back in the USSR. In the early 1990s, he began to develop his own production of dairy products. In 1995 Aleksandrov founded the Rostagroexport company.

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Moderna assesses the effectiveness of COVID vaccine in severe cases

Moderna company decided apply to use your vaccine in the United States.

  • According to the company, the effectiveness of its vaccine in the initial analysis was 94.1%, and in severe cases of the disease – 100%.
  • More than 30 thousand volunteers participated in the vaccine trials. Of these, 196 people became infected with the coronavirus – these are 185 volunteers who received a placebo, and 11 people who received the vaccine.
  • Among the participants in the study, 30 people were ill with a severe form of coronavirus. They were all in the group that received the placebo. Among the volunteers who received the vaccine, none of the severely ill COVID-19 fell ill, which speaks of one hundred percent effectiveness of the vaccine in such cases, the company noted.

Khasis spoke about three attempts by Sberbank to become a leader in e-commerce

Sberbank First Deputy Chairman Lev Khasis stated about three failed attempts as part of a previous strategy to create an e-commerce leader.

  • The top manager stated that Sberbank’s attempts to become a leading player in the e-commerce market are still unsuccessful. He recalled the attempt to cooperate in this area with Yandex and the experience of creating a joint venture based on Yandex.Market. Khasis did not elaborate on what he meant when he spoke of Sberbank’s second and third unsuccessful attempts to become a leader in e-commerce.
  • The main goal of Sberbank’s new three-year strategy is to teach Russians to invest their savings, stated First Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Credit Organization Alexander Vedyakhin. According to him, in order to accomplish this task, the bank intends to “create a market for mass investment”, despite the lack of positive experience of Russians in the stock market.


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